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One Way International Pilgrim Day

Along the whole passage of the Mary’s Route the Maria Radio are organizing a pilgrimage. This pilgrimage which is going to be organized in every year, is called 1Úton and is touching more than a hundred places in Austria, in Hungary and in Transylvania.


The 1Úton pilgrimage is going to be a significant experience; through which the miracle comes alive: the people are going on the pilgrimage to each other, beside each other, for themselves and for their families. In today’s divided world, people experience unity which has a tremendous spiritual significance.


Everyone who feels compelled to take a longer or shorter section on the Way of Mary as part of a full-day pilgrimage will be invited to the event. Civil organizations, ecclesiastical organizations, schools and communities are going to join the 1Úton pilgrimage. By the experience which people go through together, with the mutual singing and the cross at the front, people from all different places can build connections with each other.


Pilgrimage is a lifestyle which brings us closer to ourselves, to each other and to God – step by step – when at the same time it opens the world for us...

One Way International Pilgrim Day