“To go on pilgrimage is to feel called and compelled to journey together, asking the Lord for the grace to change past and present resentments and mistrust into new opportunities for fellowship. It means leaving behind our security and comfort and setting out for a new land that the Lord wants to give us. To go on pilgrimage means daring to discover and communicate the “mystique” of living together, and not being afraid to mingle, to embrace and to support one another.”

“The Lord does not disappoint those who take a risk. Let us journey, then, and journey together, allowing the Gospel to be the leaven that permeates everything and fills our peoples with the joy of salvation.”

Pope Francis

MARY’S ROUTE establishes a link between the cultural centres and religious and spiritual sites of Central Eastern Europe with a cultural footpath and bicycle path, hence making a shared  programme of religious tourism in 8 countries of the Central Eastern European region. Mary’s Route is explicitly a network.

South Transdanubia

Meet this beautiful premium pilgrimage route.
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Mary's Route
Mary's Route

Who Are We?

The maintenance of Mary's Route is performed by International Network Association os the Mary's Route. If you have any question about the routes or events, do not hesitate to contact us.

International Network Association of the Mary’s Route(INAM)

Hungary, 8200 Veszprém
Házgyári út 4.

Manager of the Cultural Route

dr. Zsófia Galgócziné Szabó
+36 (30) 552 5319

President of the Cultural Route

dr. Tamás Szabó
+36 (30) 467 6444

International Relations

Veronika Szabó
+36 (30) 717 7092

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